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Important Announcement | June 4, 2024

HALO is Headling to the Finish Line

New initiatives are starting and The Catholic Schools Office (CSO) is investing in added resources for our community’s evolving needs. As a result, the CSO will no longer contribute to The HALO Initiative operation costs in exchange for services we provide and we are preparing to complete HALO’s work on June 30, 2024.


We have been very pleased to serve the community since 2020, and with tremendous gratitude for our HALO supporters, together we have made a positive impact that will last for years to come. Our most notable accomplishments in these years include the HALO 139 pilot that attracted more than 100 new families to Catholic education at five schools, the Shared Facilities Maintenance pilot that is improving campuses and supporting leadership at seven schools, and the allocation and governance of nearly $11M in tuition assistance distributed on behalf of the Endowment Trust and the annual Bishop's Invitational.


If you are a supporter of The HALO Initiative, we wholeheartedly thank you for enhancing and sustaining our Dallas Catholic school system. If your family has received tuition assistance support through HALO, please know that the Dallas Diocese Education Endowment Trust (also known as DEET or the Endowment Trust) and the Bishop's Invitational Golf Tournament & Events will continue
to provide aid to nearly 1,000 Catholic school students. 


Thank you for this opportunity to serve with you.

Diocesean Endowment Trust (DEET)


For more than 10 years, the Dallas Diocesan Education Endowment Trust and the Bishop’s Invitational have served those with the most need by providing tuition assistance.

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Catholic Schools Office

Resources: comprehensive list of schools, schools map, Elementary School Guide, High School Guide and high school admissions calendar.

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