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Our goal is to make Catholic education more accessible to all those who desire it. In collaboration with the Catholic Schools Office, The HALO Initiative identifies and bridges gaps through innovative programs; stewards tuition assistance, grants, donor matching; and creates shared services that promote efficiency across Catholic schools.

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An independent organization
committed to Catholic education.

Shared Facilities Maintenance Pilot


We will develop and test a Shared Facilities Maintenance concept, working alongside the Catholic Charities crew, to provide weekly support to six Catholic schools in south and west Dallas. These schools currently lack resources for ongoing repairs and projects, such as plumbing, and electrical repairs; painting, roof repairs, facia replacement, gym floor sanding; bathroom fixtures, doors and windows, blinds, gutters (plus power washing and needed preventative maintenance and replacements that will help to maximize). Having these services managed regularly will give the Principals more focus on maintaining a safe, caring, learning environment rather than having constant distractions from needed repairs.

We would appreciate your support of this pilot. Thankfully, your donation to this pilot will be even more valuable, thanks to Chris & Joe Popolo, who are back with a $1 match for every $2 donated because they were so pleased with how you came through with your support last year. We are working to raise $100,000 by Dec. 31 for this new pilot. Please donate here or contact Jane at for more information.

Catholic Schools are Good for Dallas.

Catholic education transforms families and communities. Catholic education is about learning, developing talents, creating life-long bonds, and loving and serving God every day. What's more, a Catholic education prepares students for a world of complexities we cannot even imagine. We believe that academically excellent schools rooted in the teachings of the Gospel should be accessible to all who desire it.

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