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The HALO Initiative

Our goal is to make Catholic education more accessible to all those who desire it. In collaboration with the Catholic Schools Office, The HALO Initiative identifies and bridges gaps through innovative programs; stewards tuition assistance, grants, donor matching; and creates shared services that promote efficiency across Catholic schools.

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An independent organization
committed to Catholic education.

Shared Facilities Maintenance Pilot

Donate or pledge today and help seven of our Principals at some of our smallest Catholic schools to have a service for their facilities maintenance - which will give them more time to focus on leading their community! Please donate here or contact Jane: jane (insert @ symbol) for more information.

Catholic Schools are Good for Dallas.

Catholic education transforms families and communities. Catholic education is about learning, developing talents, creating life-long bonds, and loving and serving God every day. What's more, a Catholic education prepares students for a world of complexities we cannot even imagine. We believe that academically excellent schools rooted in the teachings of the Gospel should be accessible to all who desire it.

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