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Volunteer your expertise & energy to support our Dallas Catholic Schools

We believe

That Catholic education is not only good for children, and their families, it is good for Dallas.

Surrounding our school system with expertise, volunteers, and innovation will ensure sustainability of the system, so schools can devote themselves to developing Saints and Scholars.

That our community is generous and supportive. Acting collectively, we can secure a bright future for Dallas Catholic schools.


HALO works in partnership with the Catholic Schools Office (CSO) and with community partners to strengthen the entire Catholic School System. Together we identify the challenges our schools face and we work strategically to stop them from becoming long-term problems.


HALO researches and tests innovative ideas and leverages investments so our Catholic schools can focus on developing saints and scholars.

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 New Family Enrollment Pilot

We want to share our experience of Catholic education with more families. You see, our research indicates that once families try our schools, they want to continue receiving the excellent education and to stay a part of the school community.

Our Dallas Diocese Catholic Schools Office and The HALO Initiative are launching a campaign that makes it easy for new families to try it. We are working with five selected schools for the 2021-2022 school year to reverse the trend of declining enrollment.