To increase awareness and make it easier for new students to access Catholic education in and around Dallas, The HALO Initiative introduced the HALO 139 pilot in 2021 to work 'hand in hand' with our wonderful tuition assistance programs. HALO 139 invests in new students and families with the aim of adding to the Catholic school's revenue stream for years to come.

Read more about HALO 139 here.


Now in our second year, we are eager to finish funding HALO 139, which offered discounts for the first two years for new families.


To show their belief in the value of Catholic education, the Chris & Joe Popolo family started a challenge:


For every $50,000 we raise by December 31, 2022, the family will provide an additional $25,000 – up to $100,000 - to HALO 139! That means that whatever amount you can give will make a meaningful difference in the future strength of Catholic education in Dallas.


Please reach out here to donate online or here to connect with Jane and learn more.

Hand in Hand Challenge

Donate now through December 31, 2022