HALO 139

New Family Recruiting & Retention Pilot



We want more children to experience the benefits of Catholic education. HALO 139 is a program that makes it easy for young families to give our schools a try.


Let’s Give More Students the Advantages of Catholic Education

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Catholic Schools are not just good for Catholics - they are good for the community!


Catholic school students learn how to make ethical decisions, are well-rounded, responsible, capable, and inclined to become a vibrant part of their community.

HALO 139 is a pilot program that makes it easy for young families to give our schools a try. Five schools offered discounted tuition and delayed payment options to families who may have thought that this caliber of education was out of reach.

139 new students were enrolled in the pilot, from 119 young families who were new to Catholic education.  Our data shows that when families try our schools they rarely leave, which will reverse declining enrollment and bolster school finances for years to come.​

Using internal and external market research, tools and training were developed to improve the experience of shopping and enrolling in our schools. A strategy was developed that featured print, digital and social methods of reaching our target audience.  The new strategies and tactics are being leveraged across the entire Dallas Catholic school system to increase enrollment where there is existing capacity. 



HALO is raising funds to reimburse schools for the tuition discounts offered through the HALO 139 pilot program. This ensures that the school finances are strong, helping them remain viable and poised for long term success.

In April of 2021, we were blessed with a Challenge grant by the Mike & Mary Terry Family Foundation. In addition to donating start-up funding for HALO 139, they pledged $100,000 towards tuition reimbursement for schools, provided HALO raise another $100,000 from other sources. 

Help us meet our
challenge grant!

Fund a Student! 

These amounts reflect the average tuition price per semester across the five pilot schools.

The cost to educate a student is approximately $9,100 a year, which compares favorably with what the state reimburses public schools. Tuition at the pilot schools range from $5,500 - $9,100 per year. 

We are thankful to those who have made significant contributions to HALO 139, including:

The Mike & Mary Terry Family Foundation

Joe & Chris Popolo
Rick & Megan Spurr

Bill & Eileen Schaffler

Joe Murphy

Matt & Elizabeth Vereecke

Mike & Jane Koenecke

Don & Jane Hanratty

If you would like information on becoming a Challenge donor or would like more information about HALO, please contact the development office at (972) 645-8186.