HALO 139 Brings New Families to Catholic Schools

Uncovering the Need


Catholic schools are closing across the nation at an alarming rate, with more than 300 shutting their doors in the past 18 months alone. While our schools do have challenges, we have many advantages such as innovative leadership, a generous community of Catholic school supporters, and school leaders who have worked hard on improving the quality and culture in their schools. These advantages made it clear that working together - we could avoid the pain so many other Catholic school systems are experiencing.

Research to assess the viability of the Diocesan school system showed that families who try a Dallas area Catholic school and stay for three years, rarely leave. Once they experience how valued they feel in the community, the academic excellence, the deepening of faith, students and their families stay throughout their elementary education. 


We found that young families were increasingly unaware of the value and values of a Catholic education. What is needed is a fresh approach, based on solid business practices, to attract new young families to our K-8 schools, replacing graduating students and reversing declining enrollment.

HALO 139

A new family recruiting pilot program was developed to attract families to one of five pilot schools.  Called HALO 139, the program offered 50% off tuition for four semesters to any family not currently enrolled in a Catholic school.


Remarkable Results 


  • 139 students from 109 families new to Catholic education were enrolled

  • The pilot increased enrollment an average of 19% at each school

  • 75% of newly enrolled children are in PK – 2nd grade

  • 78% are Catholic and 22% are another Christian faith

  • Families came from a variety of backgrounds

  • The program reached many who did not know this education was available and possible for them

What happens when more families enroll?


  • More evangelism – schools are attracting more families to church… it used to be the other way around

  • More opportunities for all the students at the schools – a growing community of families, teachers and kids means more for all

  • More tuition assistance the schools can provide (derived from tuition)

  • More sustainable financials for each school for years to come

HALO 139 graphic.png


Donors who believe in the value and values of Catholic education - and who want to see Dallas Catholic schools thrive, are investing in kids and schools through their gifts of a portion of tuition. 


They see that gifts to HALO 139 are in alignment with their desire to give more hope, opportunity, and faith for families - and a better education for children.


They recognize that their support is an investment with a good rate of return (3:1 and more) for schools that retain these families throughout their elementary education.

Fund a Student! 

These amounts reflect the average tuition price per semester across the five pilot schools.

The cost to educate a student is approximately $9,100 a year, which compares favorably with what the state reimburses public schools. Tuition at the pilot schools range from $5,500 - $9,100 per year. 

We are thankful to all who have donated and to those who have made
significant investments in HALO 139

The Mike & Mary Terry Family Foundation

​The Duda Family Foundation
Joe & Chris Popolo

Pat & Susan Brosnahan

John & Michele Stephens

Doug & Vicky Lattner

Rick & Megan Spurr

Marc & Georgia Lyons

Len & Peggy Ruby

Jack & Aileen Pratt

Peter & Jeanne Rickert

Joe & Kathy Murphy

Richard Chamberlain

Stacy Dunton

Chris & Allison Fasy
Don & Jane Hanratty

Joe & Kathy Murphy

Bill & Eileen Schaffler

Bill & Mary Sladek

If you would like information on making an investment in Dallas area Catholic schools, please contact the development office at (972) 645-8186.