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Dallas Education Endowment Trust and Bishop's Invitational

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It is crucial to our greater Dallas community and especially our Dallas Catholic community that we provide assistance to people with the greatest needs. By helping them to get a wonderful education, we often help students and their families to find more opportunities that improve their lives. 

The Endowment Trust and the annual Bishop’s Invitational provide funds for tuition assistance to students that cannot afford to attend a Catholic school without some support.  

Tuition Assistance Philosophy

  • The Endowment Trust and Bishop’s Invitational provide about one-third of student tuition, the Catholic school covers a third, and the family covers a third. Schools adjust as needed. When everyone has a part in it, everyone wins. 

  • With the 5% of their fund (approximately $40M currently) provided from the Endowment Trust annually, and more than $400,000 from the Bishop’s Invitational annually, we serve about one-third of all who apply. With the work of the schools, foundations, and other tuition assistance programs, 46% of Diocesan Catholic school students receive some financial support. 


Nearly $25M has been invested in students and families so far through these funds, and we are pleased to work with these valuable organizations to keep serving this growing need in the Dallas community.  


Learn more about The Dallas Diocesan Education Endowment Trust and the Bishop’s Invitational by clicking on these links:  

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