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One of the benefits of being independent is that we get an opportunity to see the progress being made at each campus and across the Catholic School system – and the collective desire of our educators and staff in Catholic schools to push for excellence. Since 2016, the Catholic Schools Office has been executing a strategic plan and making measurable progress.

With our work at HALO, we take pride in sharing news of ongoing improvements for students, families, and for our Catholic schools. We look for opportunities to acknowledge our Presidents and Principals of the schools and other staff who are making it possible for Catholic education to deliver excellent results to the students and our entire Dallas community.

One of our favorite ways to acknowledge the heart and soul of this work is to support the annual Educator of the Year Awards. It begins at the Catholic schools where peers nominate their Educator of the Year. Alongside the Catholic Diocese of Dallas and the Catholic Schools Office, The HALO Initiative helps to acknowledge each school Educator of the Year and to consider all the nominations to help select the very top few who are named as Educator of the Year for the Catholic Schools system. In addition to receiving this HALO Educator of the Year award, they earn a cash prize and the distinction of being one of the best at the work they do.

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