Community Collaboration

HALO works closely with funding partners and community leaders to bring resources to the Catholic Schools. In addition to our three focus areas, we coordinate giving from the Diocesan Endowment Educational Trust (DEET), the Bishop’s HALO Golf Tournament, ACE, Jethsuby, and other tuition assistance partners administering upwards of $2.4 million in aid for students.

We are building a network of volunteers (The HALO Alliance) who will support our initiatives, providing expertise and
tactical support for system-wide projects like technology assessments and upgrade recommendations, leadership development, school efficiencies, finance and purchasing.

The Alliance will also help HALO connect with others with a passion for Catholic Education – groups like alumni associations, community leaders and businesses. Our goal is to build the Alliance into a community of people who will help sustain HALO by supporting our operational needs on an regular basis.

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