Who is halo?

HALO is a community of
people with a passion for
Catholic education.

HALO donors, board members, community partners, volunteers and staff are working together to bring fresh perspective and resources to the Catholic school system.


We are a team of people from various backgrounds with a shared passion - surrounding Catholic Schools with business expertise, tools and funding in an innovative and impactful way.

Incorporated in May 2020 HALO more efficiently connections between the schools. 

The Catholic Schools Office (CSO) and the individuals and organizations who support Catholic Education. We are focused on long term viability of our schools and we work to bring solutions to challenges  -
and momentum to opportunities.

Our partnership with the CSO is unique in that we are independent but work to support their efforts so they can continue to develop Saints and Scholars.


HALO is an independent 501 (c) 3 organization operating in support of the CSO and with the blessing of the Diocese of Dallas.

HALO is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors and employs a staff of three.

why halo? why now?

Catholic School closing slide.jpg

we will not allow this to happen in dallas...

not on our watch...

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