Who is HALO?

The HALO Initiative (HALO) is a 501 (c) 3 organization established in May 2020 by individuals with a passion for Catholic Education. In cooperation with the Dallas Catholic Schools Office, HALO offers donors a new way to support Catholic education. With a fresh approach and innovative perspective, HALO provides long-term solutions that many community leaders view as an opportunity for investment in a more sustainable school system. 




In Dallas we are blessed with strong Catholic Schools Office leadership, generous individuals and organizations who know the value Catholic education brings to our broader community. This combination will help us get to the root of school challenges quickly - and to identify and fill gaps that exist.

This is important because across our nation thousands of Catholic schools had to close their doors in recent years, including more than 150 in just the past six months.


While we have a lot of work to do, our schools are solid. We feel a responsibility to build on our schools, make them stronger, and sustain these neighborhood treasures that make such a difference in a person’s life. The HALO Initiative works closely with individual schools and the Catholic Schools Office to have a strong understanding of needs, challenges and opportunities. HALO will act as a clearinghouse where supporters work collectively for increased Access, Excellence and Innovation for the thousands of scholars and saints we currently serve, as well as enabling more students to enroll.

Meet Our Board of Directors

Board Chair
President Pretant Financial,
Operating Partner Appareo Capital Partners

 Access Committee Leader
Executive Director Mike & Mary Terry Foundation

Founder and President, Optimance and Career Control Group, Inc.
Co-founder of the Bishop’s HALO Golf Tournament

Allison Fasy
Jim McCleneghen 
Don Hanratty
Rick Spurr


Former CEO of Zix  
Board Member of several organizations

Joe Popolo

Innovation Committee Leader
CEO, Charles & Potomac Capital, LLC

Ex Officio Members

Matt Vereecke
Jane Koenecke

Superintendent of Schools
Catholic Diocese of Dallas

 Executive Director
The HALO Initiative

The Board of Directors will expand by seven members in 2021

Contact Us


P.O Box 830550
Richardson, TX 75083