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The HALO Initiative was founded in May 2020 as an independent public charity that works in support of Catholic education in the Dallas, Texas area. HALO was born from the vision and commitment of Dallas community leaders and the Catholic Schools Office (CSO) as one part of a bigger strategy designed to help face unknown challenges schools would face in the future. While independent of the CSO, HALO is connected to the mission and has the trust and support of our Bishop and the Diocese of Dallas.

Hope. Access. Learning. Opportunity.

The HALO Initiative acts as a support system in our community that provides hope, access, learning, and opportunity to the most vulnerable - to students and families in our community who may not otherwise be able to experience Catholic education.

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Our Mission

To work alongside the Catholic Schools Office and the Dallas community to strengthen, grow the impact of,
and provide broad-base access to
our Kindergarten through 8th grade Catholic Schools.


Our Vision

To make it possible for any child to receive a Catholic education.



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Simply put, we are building a
cohesive community to keep Catholic

education strong and poised for
long-term growth right here in Dallas. 

As a new organization, our first challenge was to come up with a fresh, innovative solution to increase awareness and enrollment among new families, working alongside Catholic school leaders.


We are proud to work alongside the Catholic Schools Office and with community partners to strengthen our Catholic school system. We are especially focused on innovation and on creating cohesion between like-minded groups to create a collective impact that will create meaningful sustainability. We surround the Catholic schools with innovative research, resources, and support. We create synergy and cohesion among those who believe in the advantages of Catholic education.



As an independent organization, The HALO Initiative is able to objectively consider how we can support the Catholic school system with improvements to processes, and to engage the greater Dallas community in how they can begin or expand support for Catholic education. The work we do is always in alignment with the Catholic Schools Office, with a desire to maintain and strengthen a strong Catholic school culture. HALO also aims to create connectivity across the Catholic school system.

In addition to our current services for tuition assistance, we look to build shared services models. Soon, we will create a hub where our generous supporters can get more clarity about how to best support individual Catholic schools, as well as the entire system, to make it easier for all of us to work together to create a collective impact.

Partners and Projects

Learn more about our partnership with the Dallas Diocesan Education Endowment Trust and the annual Bishop's Invitational Golf Tournament, about our HALO 139 project, as well as our efforts to recognize the amazing work of our Catholic school teachers through the annual Educator of the Year Awards.

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Diocesan Education Endowment Trust

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Bishop's Invitational Golf Tournament

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HALO 139

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HALO Educator of the Year Awards

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