how halo helps

what halo does

​HALO works with donors, volunteers and community partners to bring fresh perspective and resources to the Catholic schools in the Diocese of Dallas. 

Together we bring innovation, business expertise, funding and agility - so The Catholic Schools Office (CSO) can focus on developing

Saints and Scholars.

HALO provides support, development, tools and people for the Catholic School system. We are transforming the partnership between
supporters and schools.


Team work

The unique relationship between HALO and the CSO allows supporters of Catholic education to work collectively for long-term sustainability and growth of the entire Catholic school system. We work on initiatives like:




Make it easier to access the advantages of a Catholic education, including for families who are most in need.

Improve the leadership and learning environments to strengthen and improve overall system quality.

Build and invest in tools, systems and ideas for sustainable growth.

our focus areas

Superintendent of Dallas Catholic Schools

Dr. Matt Vereecke says:

"When a long-term idea or enduring challenge comes up, it is often difficult for school staff or the CSO to move it forward because we are focused on what is needed now. The ability to share an idea with HALO brings momentum and hope for long-term solutions and sustainability."

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