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HALO works with donors and community partners to bring fresh perspective and resources to the Catholic schools in the Diocese of Dallas. 

Together we bring innovation, business expertise, funding and agility - so The Catholic Schools Office (CSO) can focus on forming Saints and Scholars.

The unique relationship between HALO and the CSO allows supporters of Catholic education to work collectively for long-term sustainability and growth of the entire Catholic school system.


how halo helps

HALO is focused on discovering the barriers that exist for accessing Catholic education, and we are working to remove them. We are testing and developing new strategies and tactics to increase awareness and add students to fill existing capacity. We are bringing new partnerships to the CSO through donors, businesses and other organizations who share the vision of providing academic excellence and Catholic formation for every family who seeks it. Collectively, we are providing support, development and tools that will benefit the entire Catholic school system in the Dallas area.


HALO manages the tuition assistance program for the CSO, coordinating donations and awarding more than $2M in tuition assistance for families each year. We work with funding partners like the Diocesan Educational Education Trust (DEET), the Bishop’s Invitational Golf Tournament, private foundations, and individual donors to provide help where it is needed most.


When a long-term idea or enduring challenge comes up, it is often difficult for school staff or the CSO to move it forward because we are focused on what is needed now. The ability to share an idea with HALO brings momentum and hope for long-term solutions and sustainability.

-Dallas Catholic Schools Superintendent Dr. Matt Vereecke 

The CSO is focused on important, and often urgent daily issues, such as:

  • Student/ Staff issues and needs

  • Faith Formation

  • Facilities- upkeep and improvements

  • Maintaining Academic Excellence

  • Problem resolution

  • Financial /  Tuition and gap funding

HALO focuses on long-term sustainability and growth of the Catholic School system. We work on:

  • Research, investigation, design and testing of new programs

  • Strategic planning

  • Networking and relationship building

  • Mapping direction and change

  • Systems & process development 

  • Marketing

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