What HALO Does

The HALO Initiative acts as a resource hub for all of the Dallas area Catholic schools. With a cooperative network that includes community and business leaders, the Catholic Schools office, school principals and teachers, HALO is focused on bringing fresh perspectives, systems, tools and funding to the Catholic school system. 

HALO is gathering the best ideas, researching and testing them. When an idea or program is approved, we secure the funding and expertise needed for the schools to implement it; without risk or need for additional investment. This allows the schools to focus on developing Saints and Scholars, while HALO focuses on innovation and sustainability.

In addition to what we are building, The HALO Initiative also streamlines and manages the processes for partners such as the Diocese Education Endowment Trust, The Bishop’s HALO Golf Tournament, Foundations and other organizations who support Dallas area Catholic education.



Three Focus Areas

2.  Excellence
1.  Access
3.  Innovation

Make it easier to access the advantages of a Catholic education, including for students who are most in need,
  by eliminating barriers for families.

New tuition models to open up new ways to fund school operations and bring leading-edge innovation.

Marketing campaign to increase awareness of the advantages of Catholic education. 

Improve the leadership and learning environments to strengthen and improve overall system quality.

Leadership development, including school administrators, their boards and governance.

Build and invest in new tools, systems, and ideas for sustainable growth.

Streamlined grant process

System of Master Teachers to develop students’ special talents and skills across schools

Leveraging and scaling technology 

Identifying, developing and testing great ideas

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P.O Box 830550
Richardson, TX 75083